Useful Links

The following links are hopefully useful to (1) someone traveling to Sweden or (2) a new resident or potential resident in Sweden.

Travel to Stockholm

  • Airport Coaches – All of Sweden: Links to information regarding getting to and from all airports in Sweden
  • Arlanda Airport Info: This is the main international airport for Stockholm.
  • Bromma Airport: Domestic flights, Brussels Airlines only international airline. Closer to Stockholm than Arlanda
  • Skavsta – Getting to Stockholm: Ryan Air’s airport. Information about getting from Skavsta to Stockholm.  Skavsta is advertised as being Stockholm, but it is in fact almost 2 hours drive from it. There are regular busses but no easy train service.
  • Arlanda Express (Train from T-centralen): English
  • Stockholm public transport (Swedish). Also see the English site to plan your travel on SL
  • VisitSweden is a communications company aimed primarily to those in tourism, or to people interested in Sweden.
  • Stockholm Kommun: Useful information about Stockholm. Working, living, studying and visiting. You can use Google translate for the site (click the globe icon).


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Tax Office

  • Skatterverket (the tax office): You also apply for ID cards here.

Swedish Migration Board


  • AEA: A link to the AEA (Akademikernas a-kassa) English welcome page. From here you can apply for membership if you are a student or a graduate working in Sweden
  • Alfa Kassan: Depending on where you work, you might not fit neatly into a category. This union should help.
  • Arbetslöshetskassa: Swedish Wikipedia with Links to all the various unions or groups in Sweden.

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  • Bostad Direkt: A site that lists available sublets and enables you to sublet your apartment, look for vacation rentals, and so on.
  • Bostad Stockholm: Register for apartments to rent. Similar to the HSB concept. In Swedish.
  • Hemnet (in Swedish): Listings of property for sale through registered real estate agents in Sweden.
  • HSB (in Swedish): A member-owned cooperative organization that works with home savings, construction and management. For people who want to buy property. Similar to the Bostadsrätt website.
  • Stockholm Sublet: Stockholm Apartments, Houses, Sublets & Roommates.


  • Volontarbyran: Volunteering website connecting volunteers and non-profit organisations. Also includes information about an English volunteer project.

Moving Your Pets from Canada to Sweden (and Vise Versa)

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General Resources for Expats

  • Your Living City: Stockholm’s source for English language events and information.

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Driver’s License

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3 thoughts on “Useful Links

  1. Thank you. Can you please add the very much needed, fantastic, and wonderful institution of the Systembolaget?
    Maybe the only shop on the planet that runs commercials AGAINST buying the products they offer…

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