Cats On the Move

Who me? I don't puke.  (2007 Vancouver)

Who me? I don’t puke. (2007 Vancouver)

I adopted Tio from the Vancouver SPCA in 2003 and Desoto joined our family in July 2007..a short time after I had to let go of my beloved Smokey.

Little did these guys know that they would now be living on a farm on an island outside of Stockholm. And at last spring is here and we can all go outside to enjoy the weather.

2013 and still cute.

2013 and still cute.


Desoto is pretty cool. Twice now we have taken him (well, he followed us) for a long walk around the farm. Meowing all the way but obviously enjoying it!

And Tio?  Tio is the cutest bundle of catkitten you have ever seen.

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