The facts. I am female. The language of my youth and life is English (duh). I am living in a country where English is the business language but not an official language. I am in a relationship. I am currently employed and I hate my company. I have another blog but this space is going to be a place for me to expose myself to myself and thus to you. It is anonymous for now because I am looking for a job and trying to figure some things out. My first post I may implode. Wanna watch? also tells you a bit more about me.

Thank you for visiting.


11 thoughts on “About

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    • Wow. I am so honoured that you noticed me so quickly. I will follow up in all ways. I don’t feel completely courageous yet. That will only come when I unveil my identity.

  2. Hi there,
I nominated your blog for the Liebster Award! Congratulations! If you hate me for that just ignore this. It means I enjoy reading your blog and you have under 200 followers and someone nominated me so I’m paying it forward! So now the request is that you do the same – answer the following 11 questions, nominate 11 (I only had 6) blogs under 200 followers you like, and relish in the glow of the Liebster.
    AND Your Questions Are (answer long or short, one word or fifty, I don’t care)…
    1)What was the last thing you said?
    2) What are you doing after 5pm today?
    3) What would you do for a profession (anything) if you knew you would succeed?
    4) Favorite quote?
    5) Do you search forever to find a close parking spot or just park and walk?
    6) How do you deal with anger?
    7) Have you ever had shark?
    8) Gold or silver?
    9) What is your primary responsibility?
    10) What’s one thing you want to know about me (not that I’ll answer)?
    11) Pet peeve?

    • What a lovely thing to say and do! I will accept the award in the near future. I also enjoy your stories about your life. This is just the new way to have instant pen pals.

  3. Hi there! I wanted to let you know I’ve nominated your fabulous blog for The Liebster Award! Please go here to get the details on what you need to do to accept your award. Congratulations!

    • Thanks so much Linda. I am holding off accepting all these wonderful awards for a little while but I will accept in the near future. I am honoured that you thought of me as I am also a fan of yours. But now I cannot nominate you as you nominated me! Oh, the tangled web!

      • I realize you’re busy right now, so no worries. It took me a while too.
        I didn’t know it was a race to nominate but I’m glad I won. Yay me! haha!

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