The Tomorrow People*

As a tech absorbed person with aging cells..hooked on smartphones…I just wondered…

The world is big.
It shrank…
thx MS.Web
Apple of my i βμ.

UNIXly raw
DOS thou know
where do we …can we?…
Function with this new target.

The world ends, begins, at fingers
or maybe toes

On monitors and LCDs, not LPs
Inserted into floppy disk ears
Streamed into eyes
All except taste and smell
A reality.

A different adventure

Awaits this cohort of youth.
It is an Enigma, a Colossus question
Only Zuse or an Apache Chief can answer, php(s).

Why travel?
Even to Manchester, Mark Baby.
Why explore
The physical world’s core processor
When a virtual one is more accessible
And often more fun?

Esc is the new Func of life.

*Editor’s problem: I renamed this poem several times. First it was Torn between worlds. Then Escape between worlds. Then History of Escape = Computer. But none of these titles were quite right. The Tomorrow People may or may not be right, but it was a TV show I remember watching when we visited England in the 70s. So for now, this is the title.

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