Did You Forget Something? Add Links to Your Hover Card

Hover cards and your Blavatar/Avatar are very important to allow people to find you. Otherwise your blog goes underground.

Blog burial ground this way

Blog burial ground this way

If you have a WordPress account and click like or comment on another WordPress site, your avatar (or blavatar) displays. And when someone else reads that post and decides to check out others who liked it, they click to find out more about you. If it is not set up properly, then you are the ultimate secret blogger.

What is an Avatar and a Hover Card?

  • Avatar:  The icon/image that identifies you and your site.
  • The commercial site Gravatar specifically organizes and provides a way for you to have a global avatar used on any site and with a wide variety of social media.
  • A hover card is just what is created by these things and you thus Manage Your Profile.

How do I make sure that when they click…they find me?

Set up your Avatar/Gravatar properly.

1. From the blog site Settings page:

  • On some of the WordPress pages, hover over the WordPress icon in the far upper left corner and select Settings.
  • On the My Account page, to the right-click Public Profile to see your Profile Photo image. From here you can click Edit Photo.
  • Depending whether you have already set up an account, clicking Edit Photo link opens a new window and takes you to your profile on Gravatar.com where you can make changes.

2. From your Dashboard you can also access useful settings for Gravatar, Avatar, and the Blavatar/Favicon

  • Navigate to your Dashboard.
  • Select Settings>General. In the upper right corner under Blog Picture/Icon where you can upload the little teeny tiny icon image used everywhere to identify your blog site. WordPress called it a Blavatar (WP name for a Favicon)
  • You can also select Users>My Public Profile (or hover over your photo to open the Hovercard for a link to the Gravatar site). On the My Public Profile page, OR the Gravatar site, you can add all the links and details about your blog or blogs.
    This is the part that people seem to miss most often. Unless you include links to your blog here, people only see your Gravatar profile…(that is mine) which then means they can’t visit you.


2 thoughts on “Did You Forget Something? Add Links to Your Hover Card

  1. Thanks for pointing out this all too common occurrence. Many times I have resorted to searching on the username associated with the avatar and have found their blogs more often though I will simply shake my head and say “sorry, I tried but I couldn’t do it…”

    I get a fair number of hits from my “gravitar” page – If you are not inviting fellow bloggers to visit you from that page (and the hover-cards) with a link then it is a bit pointless.

    A fine public service message to the blogging community Amanda – Thanks again!

    • Hi my bestest fan ever. I am truly blessed to have you in my blog corner.

      It is quite fun doing these tips and tricks, it is interesting to see the traffic over time that you get from shaking up the topics. It also comes with the territory of being a tech writer, I cannot help myself to pass it on.


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