Go on, use your words

This blog began so I could share all the the useful information about Sweden I had gathered during my first few months here. Originally, the blog resided on a free English online newspaper server (the Local ), but it also died there.

I was new to blogging and the excitement soon wore off. I wrote nothing for a long time.

I resurrected this blog after/during an extremely difficult time in my life. The difficult time, an esoteric being I now consider my threshold guardian, led me to discover the WordPress community. Then I bought my domain name and started experimenting with the free templates to make my blog shine. Then I played, and commented, and showcased so many photos, I researched, I explored, I have had a lot of fun and for quite a long time I generated blog posts regularly.

Then I did NaNoWriMo two years in a row. Then I took a creative writing class, and today I find myself at the end of my first month into a masters in professional writing.

This blog is important to me and I will continue to share photos and random ideas, but these posts are likely to be less frequent and anything that is more than 500 words, or is related to writing techniques, needed a new home.

Update July 2014

First there was Use Your Words

I started Use Your Words in January to document my own writer’s journey, to share some of the writing we do in the online classes at Falmouth University, and to share links and information other writers may find useful.

Which is now Clearly Writing

The current module is focused on creating an online presence and so I have moved and rebranded the old blog to Clearly Writing.

My journey of mixed emotions is not over.  It just has developed a new voice and a split personality. And now I have some time to do both.

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4 thoughts on “Go on, use your words

  1. Best wishes on this new endeavor! I look forward to watching the progress of “UseYourWords” (love the name – and the admonishment) and will always look forward to installments from the Journey of Mixed Emotions. Be Well!

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