NaNoWriMo 2013: Am I Totally Insane?

The recurring theme for me seems to be that I equate writing with being insane or crazy…but I must clarify that I do not think this is a bad thing and I embrace the crazy in me. I also embrace the crazy in everyone. The reason I started this blog and completed NaNoWriMo last year is because my inner red devil, the dark voice on my shoulder, finally pushed me to the edge and said clearly:

You must write. It is the only way forward.

Poem Quote

Last November..

I have not returned to a single word I wrote last November. Until today I did not even glance at the posts below that I wrote during my first NaNoWriMo. And I have no desire to return to these words. For I have moved forward. Still. I am always hungry for statistics, so you may click those links on my behalf.

What, May You Ask, Is the Plan?

There is no plan. Some writers have mapped out their entire story, developed the character sets already, and are going to write that novel fully prepared. Others, like me, are not sure their schedules will allow for this to happen, and even though there is a loose outline, a loose idea, it may not end, or it may blossom, or it may cause all of my hair to fall out.

I am in the midst of a creative writing class, which I hope will inspire me to write with abandon, to use these new techniques to pad my word count. Since September I have submitted a short story to a contest (Oxford Literary Festival)  and completed several other assignments for the class. I posted one of the short stories, For As Long as It Takes, and the feedback from my classmates was that I tried to jam too much into a short space, that perhaps this required more treatment to become a longer piece. And gosh golly molly, isn’t that what NaNo is all about?

Massaging the Octopus

So contrary to what I said earlier, I do have a plan. For As Long as It Takes I will write until I reach 50,000 words by the end of November, and then we shall see. One can only move forward.


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