Will You Forgive Me in the Morning?

It is so tempting to apologize for not writing for some time in this space, where I promised, if only indirectly, to keep you entertained for free. The fact is, I despise those blogs that do apologize, simply because we do this for free, for our own growth, and it is our decision whether we post or not, if there is the energy or time in our daily lives to keep this afloat.

But the truth is, you do start to feel a responsibility to your readers, you, because I bring you into a story, a story of my life, and you are left hanging if I don’t come back. Especially when you are anonymous like I am on this blog.

So here is the scoop a doop, the stuff that is happening. My life continues to be in limbo, and unfortunately my spine has a little thing called arthritis so I am not so able to bend and sway like I used to to get under that pole and stand up straight and tall and proud again. XY and I are still together, but it is odd and like having a good roommate by your side all the time, getting in the way, annoying you. LOML has been in surprise contact, and then gone, but still there in the background. I have continued to look for another job but…well, nothing. Limbo. Bimbo. Bipibapbilip.

Then last week, my very favorite cat who came with me from my homeland, got very sick. He got a big abscess on his butt…near sensitive areas that can be painful and a bit dangerous. Spent a fortune getting him fixed. Worried, fretted, and then he got better.

On the day that he perked up, unbeknownst to me, my 89 and half year old dad had a heart attack. But it took over 24 hours before my mom phoned me.

So now I am scrambling to figure out what to do. He did not die, but he is still in hospital, a hospital about 5455 km away from me. And my parents are avoiding the things we have been talking about for a while, but now I guess I need to take the reigns and gallop off to sort everything out.

There are many things to do, and it looks like I might be going back home sooner than I thought. Which is okay because I am ready for this. And the guilty part..the part that keeps crossing my busy mind? I am still more worried about my cat, and I think I would be more heart broken if he died than my dad.

Do you think you can forgive me in the morning?


One thought on “Will You Forgive Me in the Morning?

  1. I’m glad to see you back, though sorry things aren’t going any better for you. It sounds like your stresses are stretched out in many directions, which is very difficult, I know. Which is why it’s understandable that your cat’s survival is important to you. When he’s healthy, he’s probably one of the few beings in your life who eases your stress rather than adds to it.
    I’ll be looking for your updates, but I understand if you can’t manage it. Take care of you!

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