My Golden Quotes

I still have a number of friends who speak about social media as if it is evil incarnate. I respect their opinion, but for me, I have so many important people in my life who live in disparate time zones, that this is still the best way to feel connected to their lives.

And yesterday, I discovered another useful thing about Facebook. When I moved to London in the mid 80s, and then to Vancouver in the early 90s, I know I had just as many cultural experiences, faux-pas, observations, and complaints, but for the most part, I did not write it down. Even more importantly, I did not have an audience. And unlike some of the people I work with, I do not have a photographic memory.



This time, after 4 Years in Sweden, I discovered, and uncovered, some brilliant witticisms. I cannot say for sure that someone else, someone famous perhaps, has already said these things, but if I publish them here, then I am the pre-famous person who will later be attributed to these golden quotes.

If you don’t like your reality, move it.

Why didn’t you guys tell me that I was insane?

Goal. Earning money should be as fun as spending it.

Learn to love yourself and others will follow.

There is a cat on my back.

Cape Breton

Cape Breton

I am all about the sauce.

I am losing my words.

You are the architect of your own life. But one building is never enough.

I have accepted the fact I will never be a hand model.

Set me free from all unreliable people.

So good to be home surrounded by maple syrup.

The Toothy Moose. Gotta love it.

The Toothy Moose. Gotta love it.


6 thoughts on “My Golden Quotes

  1. Nice nuggets of wisdom here. 🙂
    I came across your blog after following some random links. You have a really nice place here. It was an interesting read!

  2. “I have accepted the fact that I will never become a hand model” … I actually snorted coffee out of my nose at that one, absolutely brilliant! Your blog is so much better looking than mine, I went with generic Quintus to save time. I should make more effort, meh.

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