Shine On You Crazy Sweet Family

I am rolling three award nominations into one. Clever people will notice that the title is a play on the award names. I do not follow people who are not clever.

I have been nominated by two lovely ladies for these awards, Tric at My thoughts on a page (the Shine On award) and SistaSertraline at Phoenix Flights (Super Sweet Blogging and WordPress Family awards).



The Guidelines

All the awards that circulate have mostly the same guidelines/rules:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you (make sure you include a hyperlink to their blog!).
  2. Include the award image on your blog (somewhere, anywhere. Right-click to save the image from the blog where you are nominated and then upload it to your media library)
  3. Tell the nominees that they have been nominated (leave a comment or send a message with the link to the nomination)
  4. Nominate people. The number varies, but for some reason it is always between 10 and 15 blogs. My opinion? Do not nominate for the sake of nominating, choose your blogs carefully and make sure you add the hyperlink to the blog! That way your visitors can appreciate the nominees by being able to look at their blogs!
  5. There always seems to be either a request for you to list things about yourself (Shine On award requests 7 things) or to answer or make up questions (Super Sweet wants 5 questions answered).

I am not going to make up answers to questions about myself since this whole blog is all about me…

 wordpress-family-award3WordPress Family

My favorite award so far is the WordPress Family award. All you are supposed to do is nominate 10 people who have impacted your WordPress experience and who in the process have become a new virtual family. This appeals to my sensibilities, especially because I am anonymous! And yet I still feel like I have made some new friends, even if we have no idea where we live or what we look like. I also like this because I have always believed that you make your own family and do not have to be related by blood to experience family ties.


The two people who nominated me for awards are people I wish I could nominate, but that just gets silly and circular. Just know that Tric at My thoughts on a page  and SistaSertraline at Phoenix Flights are awesome!

I am also not going to nominate people who have indicated they do not like awards (Red at The Introspective Introvert is still worthy) or if they have already been nominated for these awards (Linda G.Hill is wicked awesome though). I do not want to annoy people, even this makes it challenging to find 10 or more blogs to nominate. So I am only nominating 6. But technically, I nominated the four people above as well, so that makes 10.

  • Kat at Me: Finding the Missing Pieces is a spirited woman who is juggling her life with two kids while trying to simultaneously learn about herself and rebuild her life. She is part of my experience at WordPress because she actively responds to posts and is supportive.
  • CrazyBunny66 over at the blog with the same name, is another strong woman who is going through some tough times with her mother and life in general. I am nominating her because she spent quite some time perusing this blog and making comments, something I appreciate in a family member.
  • Pen at Pen, Paper, and Crazy because I just think she (and all her selves) is amazing and interesting. She is resilient, even if she does not know it or acknowledge it. 
  • Lipstick and Chaos has another interesting blog, How to Make it Look Easy and Still Have Time for LipstickI like the mixture of life stories and humour. And, gosh, she just wrote a posDoesn’t have to be blood to be Family which makes her a perfect nominee.
  • The Pog Blog is another lady (I guess I better find a guy to nominate) with whom I share some life experiences with (trich), and other common things such as a love of food, making people smile, and animals.
  • This is a new person I am following, Russel Ray Photos, and he deserves a nod because he makes a real effort to visit your blog and say hi. The main reason I already know he is family is because he is involved with, and supports, animal rescue, specifically dogs. Check him out.

Personal Challenge

I realized while looking for nominations that I need to seek out more male energy blogs. As much as I love, adore, and understand women, I will endeavor to find more blogs by guys to follow. My other blog, the one that is not secret, does have more of a balance…


4 thoughts on “Shine On You Crazy Sweet Family

  1. You are so kind to have considered me! I am happy to be a part of a family that keeps laughter, sanity and wisdom rolling like the waves in an ocean – gentle and tumultous depending on the temperature of the day 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for the nomination! And for introducing me to some other lovely bloggers – it’s all very kind of you and I’m so happy that you enjoy my blog 🙂

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