Daily Prompt: You, the Sandwich. Fussy Eaters Inc.

English: A bacon cheeseburger with deep-fried ...

I could not resist today’s Daily Prompt: You, The sandwich: If a restaurant were to name something after you, what would it be? Describe it. (Bonus points if you give us a recipe!).

As my close friends know, and some random strangers who have served me or sat by me in restaurants as I squeal in delight, I love food.

I have always dreamed of opening a restaurant called Fussy Eaters, where no one blinks (EVER) if you ask for something on the side (like Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally), or you want a caesar salad without croutons, or no dill on your salmon, or for me, when I want my hamburger in a very particular way. Because ordering hamburgers drives me insane.

Hamburger Fixings

  • I do NOT like pickles, mustard, ketchup, tomatoes, or relish.
  • I DO love fried onions, BBQ sauce, mushrooms, blue cheese, pepper sauce, spices, garlic, and lettuce.

Cheese School 101

Both lists above can be considered pretty normal hamburger fixings or combinations. And yet, because of my dislike of standard items (the first point) I have had to throw away (and throw up), return, and wait for replacement burgers in restaurants and drive-thrus in many cities.

I also have had to wait for ever, deflect exasperated glares, rolling eyes, and probably I have been the recipient of evil back kitchen doings thanks to my fussy requests. I am never rude, and I am often patient, but I know that I am a McDonald’s or Burger King pain in the ass customer because of it.


Collection mushrooms

So that is why my burger is named:

Amanda’s Awesome Fussy Burger

Bulls-Eye Guiness BBQ Sauce

Ingredients: Ground beef, Lipton’s onion soup mix, garlic (fresh or powder), egg, Worchester sauce, bread crumbs, secret fussy spices. Mix together. Pat and flatten into  burgers and chill overnight.  Optional, add some shredded cheese (or blue cheese for extra flavour).

Toppings: Fried onions and mushrooms, Bull’s Eye BBQ sauce, fresh lettuce. Also melt some cheddar cheese on the burger. Fresh burger buns. 

Result: Happy (me, not the cow).


9 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: You, the Sandwich. Fussy Eaters Inc.

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  8. I hope I’d be a sandwich that looks innocent, but gives you a shock and makes you laugh … in a nice way of course. But some days I might be that curled up one at the back of the fridge, that we eye with suspicion even though we are starving.

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