Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

My poor little Nikon D200 camera is ill, so I pulled out my 7 year old Fuji FinePix6000sd digital camera for a recent evening out in Stockholm. I had forgotten what a pleasure it was to pick a setting and just point and shoot.

Sweden in the summer is full of long nights and days. These photos were taken around 2130 when it truly was the golden hour.

Struck by Silhouettes

The first photo was taken because I was struck by the variety of silhouettes that I saw as we walked along Skeppsbron (click to go to Google Maps).

From left to right: St James Church (Jacob’s Kyrka)  spire, a statue of Gustav III,  the Nordiska Kompaniet (NK) sign, and a crane.

At the edge of Gamla Stan

At the edge of Gamla Stan

Yes, it is a Grand Hotel

This view of the Grand Hotel is just after the statue along the same path (Google Maps).

Golden Hour

Strange Flying Tourist

As we continued to meander, I noticed something odd. First I saw a  woman standing up on the deck of Teaterskeppet and she was raising and lowering her arms,  like a bird in flight. Then I noticed there was a man walking along the path doing the same. For a moment I thought they were playing or communicating with each other, until I realized the woman was making fun of him. I managed to snap some shots of the tourist as he stretched his wings, ready to take off for parts unknown.

For me, this made it the Golden Hour.

Strange tourist

Strange Tourist 2

Bird tourist


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