Sometimes the Little Things Count

Tattoo Veteran Still Basks in the Magic

This is an article about my father, John Wood, who lives in Nova Scotia. He has been involved with the Nova Scotia Tattoo for many years and he still opens the show every night as Major Domo. While visiting my parents, my Dad mentioned a couple of times how disappointed he was that no one had noticed how long he had been involved.

I sent an email to the coordinators at the Tattoo to let them know that my dad was going to be 90 next year and perhaps there was a story for them. A few days later, as I returned from lunch with a friend, I passed by the Tattoo production office. They were still open so I went inside to see if they had got my email. Timing is everything. The marketing coordinator had just read my email so I spent a little while telling them more about my dad, giving them enough information to provide the newspaper with the hook.

And it worked! I have not yet spoken to my Dad, but I really hope he likes the article they wrote about him.



One thought on “Sometimes the Little Things Count

  1. Good for you Amanda, what a nice thing to do.
    Believe it or not, this is actually the first I have heard of the Nova Scotia Tattoo (and even the term Tattoo being used in the context of a military/display team.) Perhaps the life I lead is sheltered – I never really thought so…
    This points out one of the many benefits of blogging on a global scale. As horizons are broadened, knowledge in increased.
    Congratulations to your Dad for his long service to The Tattoo and on having such an exceptional daughter 😀

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