Manifesting Inner Clarity and Magic

Clarity is an amazing thing, when you can manifest it. Manifesting magic is even harder.

I made 3 clear decisions recently regarding my life (Cat, Human, Typing. Who Wins?). I have since become disengaged from XY and applied for an amazing job at an even more amazing company. When I am clear in my head, I feel powerful and I find it much easier to make things happen.

Beast of a Job Interview, after Walter Crane


Now I wait on tenterhooks (ps. click the link to find out the origin of that word!) to find out if I got the job. It is down to me and one other person, and thanks to the magic of the digital age, I was able to figure out who my competition is by examining some activity on LinkedIn. Whoa.

Sometimes You Can Leave Clouds on Tenterhooks!

Sometimes You Can Leave Clouds on Tenterhooks! (Photo credit: antonychammond)

In fact, it was a little too easy. As part of my job hunting strategy, I send a request to connect on LinkedIn at an appropriate time during the process. I had completed the second interview and I was told that it was down to me and one other person, so I sent the request. When it was accepted, I was then privy to another recent connection, who I am almost 100% positive is my competition. I stopped myself from reading too much of his profile, but it left me feeling very anxious, to say the least.

Tossing Aside Anxiety


(Photo credit: eworm)

Then I decided to toss my anxiety aside as much as possible and focus on ways to sway the vote in my direction. I had already decided to send a thank you card (through snail mail). I found the perfect card and made an extra effort to make it both fun and professional. I posted it last night and hopefully my potential boss and his team got it today. I had also originally done something extra creative and cool with my cover letter, which I hope, combined with my outgoing personality and experience, will tip the balance. Up until now, in this country, I have not had much success being me.

Inner Clarity


inside (Photo credit: ribarnica)

I am not exactly sure how I will react if I don’t get the job. I know I will be extremely disappointed, but it has been a great encouragement to have made it this far already. It also helped me internally. I do not want to stop being me, I don’t want to compromise as much as I have to in my current soul-sucking job. I strive now on a daily basis to stop lying to myself in my personal life, but I want to achieve that in my professional life, too.

Positive Energy This Way Please

Green leaf

Green leaf (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

My inner strength and mental state are in a good place right now. I normally don’t like to tell people about my job prospects in case I don’t get it. But this time I decided to send the positive energy up and out into the stratosphere to request this job for me. Then I told a few more people at a BBQ last night, and today I am telling you. This time I am calling on all my dead friends and relatives to collectively send the vibe to the decision makers and for them to only have one thought in their minds, me.

I’ll let you know if I can make the magic happen!


10 thoughts on “Manifesting Inner Clarity and Magic

  1. Hallelujah! Someone who spells/pronounces ‘tenterhooks’ correctly! Every time I hear someone say ‘tenderhooks’ my bum hole contracts with irritation!

    For that reason alone you should get this job! 😉

    • Many of us bloggers love was not that long ago I realized I was saying this incorrectly so I like to pass on the knowledge. So glad someone (you) noticed

  2. Well done you. I really hope you get it and even if you don’t sometimes the wrong person is selected (that is my way of thinking through life!)

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