Leggy Lamb Lips

Leggy Lambs

As an interim treat while I organize the rest of my photos from Nova Scotia, I got a couple of shots of the new black and white lambs with the longest legs I ever did see. These legs quivered and shivered as their tails whipped back and forth, and before long the little ones collapsed in the field to nap.

DSC_0215 DSC_0226

Lamb Lips

A slightly older lamb had the cutest expression on his or her face as they gazed up at the cloudy sky. This can be filed away into my catalog of cute farm animal photos (see baby cow eyelashes!).

DSC_0229 DSC_0230

And a Lamb Chop

There is something pouty about the blond lamb’s pink lips that reminded me of Lamb Chop the sock puppet, the creation of ventriloquist Shari Lewis.  You can also find lots on YouTube. Not sure who to credit for the photo below, but this is the source.

Shari Lewis and Lambchop.

Shari Lewis and Lambchop.

3 thoughts on “Leggy Lamb Lips

  1. This is the song that doesn’t end.
    Yes, it goes on and on my friend.
    Some people started singing it not knowing what it was,
    And they’ll continue singing it forever just because . . .

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