Cat, Human. Typing. Who wins?

Survey, I am not from Scotland, but so close…I grew up in New Scotland, but the latin place, not the New York minute.

DSCF5389-001Today I broke off my engagement with XY. The time away in New Scotland was a bittersweet experience. I will unfold some of the story over time, I am sure. My little cat has finally forgiven me for being away and with his ass and fur in my face, this will be short.

Three is magical grouping. I am trapped by a recent clouder of cats (3 or more), I grew up in a family of 3, and I made 3 clear decisions during my trip.

  1. I do not want to be engaged.
  2. I need to find a new job (already on the list)
  3. I want to go back to school for my masters.

I have taken care of 1 tonight. I told XY about my feelings, and at the moment, he is OK with these decisions. This is the problem. He just listens to me and agrees. Wat Eva.

Number 2 and 3 are actually more important to me right now, which speaks so loudly that your ears and eyes should be ringing from the reverberations. Oh. Two of 3 cats on arm, trrrrring to tpye…cat love today is imperative. Bye.


4 thoughts on “Cat, Human. Typing. Who wins?

    • The thing about decisions like this, I already knew deep inside that these were the things I wanted. It is just hard to put them into action, especially when one is going to hurt another person.

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