Hanging out in Nova Scotia

I am hanging out in Bedford, Nova Scotia, dancing to the Time Warp on a daily basis. It is just a jump to the left, then a step to the rrrirrght, put your hands on your hips…

The Cherries are Haunting Me

Could these be the same cherries from my childhood?

Could these be the same cherries from my childhood?

Last November I wrote a post called Mommified, where I revealed that I was turning into my mum, albeit a new, more international version.  During the process I remembered the cherries in the fridge. Today I cleaned out the fridge at my parents’ house and, while I cannot prove it, I think I found the maraschino cherries! My mother did allow me to throw these away and claimed they were used for Christmas decorations. I am pretty sure they are reasonably recent…but what that means I am scared to fathom.

Mi’kmaq First Nations People (Tangent)

English: A sample of Mi'kmaq "hieroglyphi...

A sample of Mi’kmaq “hieroglyphic” writing, the Ave Maria.

Nova Scotia can be a complex and soulful place. The music of the white people portion of the maritimes is firmly rooted in both Celtic and French traditions. The original First Nations people, the Mi’kmaq  (English spelling is Micmac, but it is steeped in negative colonial undertones) are super cool; they have their own hieroglyphics worthy of being my next tattoo! I wish I had learned more about them as a kid. We missed out on so much not learning about their culture and history. At the end of my university education I was very fortunate to be involved with a research project involving British Columbia First Nations people, but I should have known much more by that time in my education, and iife. Fast forward another 2 years and my involvement in the Pickton farm (the Missing Women’s Task Force) highlighted my lack of education about these issues even more.

And why, do you ask, am I prattling on about the Mi’kmaq people? Well, in the mind of Amanda, it makes sense. I went to Bedford Place Mall today and this reminded me of Micmac Mall (which, remember, should not be the correct spelling BUT they still use it, come on Nova Scotia! Change the name fools!). Micmac Mall was where we went, probably once a month. This was my exposure to the Nova Scotia First Nations people. This is pathetic. I hope that the curriculum has improved since the 70s…

Sad State of Mall Affairs

The local mall is dying. As my mom said, it looks like an archeological dig in one of the ancient Roman cities. But there are no treasures down there.

Can't make this pretty

Can’t make this pretty

The charm is gone

The charm is gone

The store names say it all

The store name say it all

Kraftily Healthy?

I loved Kraft Dinner as a kid, or more precisely as a drunken teenager, sneaking home and making it at midnight to satiate the munchies. I remember cooking up a batch and plopping in front of the telly to watch Saturday Night Live or SCTV. And then, for some really unknown reason, I missed it when I moved to London! It is nothing special, the powdered cheese smells like puke, and it has no real nutritional value whatsoever.

OH NO! I just read the Wikipedia information about Kraft and it says:

Canadians purchase 1.7 million of the 7 million boxes sold globally each week. They eat an average of 3.2 boxes of Kraft Dinner each year, 55% more than Americans. The meal is the most popular grocery item in the country where “Kraft Dinner” has iconic status and has become a generic trademark of sorts for macaroni and cheese.For most teenagers it is the first thing they learn to cook on their own, and becomes an easy and inexpensive food for young people living away from home for the first time. It is often simply referred to by its initials K.D.

Well, that explains my whole life.

Kraft Dinner trying to go up market

Kraft Dinner trying to go up market


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