Weekly Photo Challenge: Color..of Sweden

The Daily Post from WordPress has challenged us with color. I love color. I prefer color to no color, although white and black have a place in my life, too.

Sweden’s official flag colors are yellow and blue, but as the majority of houses are yellow and red, that is my contribution. Enjoy! All photos are original and can be found all around my blog.

Yellow flower Darlana

The approach to Sandhamn


Um. No t-bana (subway) here! In fact, no cars.

It is, apparently, a tradition to have waffles at the palace cafe. So C did. I had a bite and yes, it was yummy.

canoe colors

Crayfish parties happen in August and millions of these are eaten with gumption and tiny forks.

Sunset on Snow


15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Color..of Sweden

    • I love the red and yellow, but it would be nice to see other colors sometimes. When I recently went to Sandhamn and to Trösa, it was so wonderful to find green, blue, brown and other shades of colors, too.

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  2. What a wonderful collection of colors! I love them all, but I really adore the waffle (!), the colorful waterside homes and the statue in front of the red building. Great job for the challenge!

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