OPD: Obsessive Post Disorder

When I started this blog it was over at the Local, a Swedish, English site that supposedly wanted people like me to blog and talk about my life here in Sweden. The site uses WordPress as the backdrop, the engine, but there is no life dar borta (over there). They ultimately did not care enough and I left.

I moved to WordPress and things changed. The network is established, the machinery in place. It is a thing of great and smooth beauty. Post something, tag it enough, and people see it. Need some advice, help, or inspiration, it is handed to you by the Daily Post. The validation is waiting for every writer, photographer, and artist who wants to play with this space. It requires work, dedication, and hopefully some talent although that is questionable. For some of us, we find a place where, finally, we are able to express more than we realized was inside of us. We find others like us, we finally realize we are not the only fucked up beings with strange inner thoughts. And then, unfortunately, we realize, for the most part, that we are not that unique after all.

But the quest and desire is implanted in us now. We must continue to write, to expose more and more and more to our readers. Or to build and establish a readership, at the very least. A creative writing teacher told me once that the worst fate for a writer is to become a cliché, or to write one. And in this free and unfettered space, where no one but everyone can watch, the words are released with the impossibility of return.

Unless I decide to delete this post.


3 thoughts on “OPD: Obsessive Post Disorder

  1. For me, English is not my first language, and I found out that, even though I’m good in English, it sometimes is hard to express myself the way I can do in Swedish. I have a thought but I don’t know if it comes out right in English but I will try.
    In ancient Rome there were places where people get together to read out loud their poems or political stuff. And of course, it was very important to them what they were writing. But there were soooo many people doing this, because everybody has the same right to do it, so people stop listening to others just to concentrate to their own material. My thought is; is this blogging the same thing? There are soooo many people writing blogs so it’s hard to find the good writers. Yes, I know…. What is good writing? But I think there is something called quality writing, even if it can look very different. But really, I’m NOT interested in most of the notes that pass me on Facebook where people letting us ALL know what they’ve had for dinner or if they had trouble falling asleep. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that can happen to blogging too. Suddenly everybody is a writer. Some of you maybe think that that is the way it is but I don’t. I think that the risk is that quality drowns in the flood of words that is written now. And there is no way to stop it. Is that good or bad? Same with music and photography. Everybody can be a musician with the electronic tools and apps there are out ther, or you can make fantastic photos just with a click. I have done it myself and it’s so fun. But is it art? Does it make me o good photographer? I don’t think so.
    So in a way I’m sad. And fascinated. It’s a weird world, isn’t it?

    • Very well put, Charles. I would add that it could be a necessary part of our evolution to use the internet as our first, clumsy way of addressing the universe in this dimension. Intra-dimentionally we have always had the ability. And as far as art goes … I have always thought that it is wonderful to sponsor an artist by displaying their work in your home, but we could equally decorate our homes with our own works of art – be they visual, poetic or musical.

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