Tio år med Tio /10 years with Tio

Tio in Vancouver, 2004

Tio in Vancouver, 2004

I adopted my darling Tio 10 years ago today. The sweetest most gentle flying fur, puking, curly, belly rubbing, essence. Everyone falls in love with Tio. There is an international fan club (you know who you are).

Some Tapas (Little Bits) About Tio

Originally called Shadow (at the shelter), I renamed him Tio after Tio Pepe’s, a Mexican restaurant on Commercial Drive, Vancouver (BTW best salsa EVER).

Tio in Spanish means Uncle. I liked the name because it was short and you could yell it easily. Tio! Get off my face! Stop playing with your food! Stop being unbearably cute! An alternative name was Tapas, but that does not work so well.

3-DSC_5063-001He was about 1 when I adopted him. He had been through some trauma and was terrified of a lot of things.

Tio in Swedish means 10, which you might have noticed in the post title.

He breathes funny. Sounds like a snorkle kurfuffle. The first night my gift daughter stayed here, she was awake all night fearful he was going to die.

He was adopted as a pet for my other cat Smokey.

Tio and Smokey in 2007, shortly before I had to let Smokey go.

Tio and Smokey in 2007, shortly before I had to let Smokey go.

After Smokey died, I adopted Desoto, who became Tio’s pet.

Tio and Desoto 2012

Tio and Desoto 2012

Evolution of a Personality

Adoption Day

Shadow became TioHe was sitting in his cage, back to the door, head down. He was so depressed and lethargic. He would not look at me, and I hesitated. But there were only three cats available to adopt: A blind, long-haired white male, a female, and Shadow (aka Tio). I knew I wanted a male.

I learned that Tio was very good with other cats, although at first he was a very nervous cat. They thought he was probably abandoned or lost in the woods for months, and then injured and poked and prodded by kind-hearted people who wanted to help him. He did not know that, of course. Nor do we humans ever find out for sure about their early lives.

About a year after his adoption, 2004, Tio still got the "You freak me out" look in his eyes

About a year after his adoption, 2004, Tio still got the “You freak me out” look in his eyes

Puking and Shrinking

Although he has always been sweet and cuddly, I remember that he would throw up all the time (yuck). And every time he got underfoot (how do they manage to be exactly at the same place as your foot/knee/hand just as you move?), and then was inevitably booted/elbowed/poked, he would run into a corner, eyes wide and terrified, shrinking under my touch for what felt like hours.

Who me? I don't puke.  (2007 Vancouver)

Who me? I don’t puke. (2007 Vancouver)

Sunning and Snoozing

I don’t seem to have good photos of Tio between 2003 and 2006. In 2007 I got my first digital camera. Digital is the only way to go when attempting to capture photos of your pets. My boys know exactly when and where I am and cannot wait to investigate, step on, sniff, making it difficult to focus.

Therefore, I find that the best time to take photos (probably for all cats) is when they are very sleepy or basking in the sun, or both.

My little Tio sunning himself in Vancouver. Cats make me happy. 2008 Vancouver

My little Tio sunning himself in Vancouver. Cats make me happy. 2008 Vancouver

Sun sun sun. 2008 Vancouver

Sun sun sun. 2008 Vancouver

Clicking and Shooting

Since I went digital, I have been clicking and shooting, reviewing, hoping, experimenting. Every so often you get golden shots, but mostly I have slightly out of focus nose and face prints.

2009 Vancouver

2009 Vancouver

Tio lived in Vancouver with me at the same house for 8 years. We had a wonderful back garden, and being a temperate climate, he was able to go out all year round to hang with his best friend.


The story continues throughout the day…

There is too much to say and I don’t like long posts, so I broke it up into two more that will be posted later…if the links do not work, and you want to learn about the HORRIBLE 3 days, and our trip to Sweden…then please visit again!


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