Meet your friends Gravatar, Avatar, and Blavatar

The other day, while preparing my post Treat Your Blog Right, I started clicking around to try to pop over and say thank you to people who did me the honor of liking or following me. This process taught me a couple of things. If you don’t set up your Gravatar properly, nothing much happens when people click on it. That is, you do not get directed to the source blog which means you lose traffic and the chance to meet other bloggers. The second thing I learned what that I was one of these dead links.

One example of where Gravatars/Avatars are located. Other places you see these are on your Notifications page.

One example of where Gravatars/Avatars are located. Other places you see these are on your Notifications page.

Avatar, Gravatar, Blavatar, Bleetch! What the heck?

  • Avatar:  The icon/image that identifies you and your site (this definition is specific to the computing use).
  • Gravatar: The commercial web app/service that specifically organizes and provides a way for you to have a global avatar used on any site and with a wide variety of social media.

Your Gravatar is an image that follows you from site to site appearing beside your name when you do things like comment or post on a blog. Avatars help identify your posts on blogs and web forums, so why not on any site? (source: Gravatar)

Click to go to the WordPress support page explaining how to set up your Avatar/Gravatar on your WordPress blog.

This is my Gravatar navigation page. The image is my Avatar.

This is my Gravatar navigation page. The image is generally called an Avatar, here called a Gravatar.


The Blavatar is a WordPress word for what is also called a Favicon. It is the little picture/icon that you see in browser tabs, when a person adds your site to their bookmarks, and all around WordPress. Click to see the detailed description to add or update it from the WordPress support page.

Future flower is here

This is my Favicon aka Blavatar. I also use this on my Portfolio site. And sometimes I change it.

How and Where on my Blog do I do what?

WordPress can be very confusing at times and like most software there are many ways to navigate to the same functionality. Sometimes you can get lost trying to find your way back to something you just know you saw…So although the above links to the support pages are the first place for you to stop, I have just added a few notes to help you along:

There are two Settings pages – one for the overall site and one for an individual blog accessed from the Dashboard.

1. From the blog site Settings page:

  • On some WordPress pages, hover over the WordPress icon in the far.. upper left corner and select Settings. The Account Options page opens and under Web Address there is a link to your Gravatar profile (this one is mine!)
  • On the Account Options page, to the right click Public Profile to see your Current Gravatar image. From here you can click Change your Gravatar
  • Depending whether you have already set up an account, clicking the Change your Gravatar link opens a new window and takes you to your profile on where you can make changes.

2. From your Dashboard you can also access some settings of use for the Gravatar and Avatar, as well as the Blavatar/Favicon

  • Navigate to your Dashboard.
  • Select Settings>General Settings. In the upper right corner there is a place where you can upload the little teeny tiny icon image that is used everywhere to identify your blog site (Blavatar)
  • You can also select Users>My Public Profile (or hover over your photo to open the Hovercard for a link to the Gravatar site). On the My Public Profile page, OR the Gravatar site, you can add all the links and details about your blog or blogs. This is the part that people seem to miss most often. Unless you include links to your blog here, people only see your Gravatar profile…which then means they can’t visit you.

Now. Go forth and fix your links!

What is behind this click?

What is behind this click?

3 thoughts on “Meet your friends Gravatar, Avatar, and Blavatar

  1. Thank you for mentioning this, Amanda. Lately I have been noticing more and more gravatar links that do little more than show a much enlarged version of the Icon. I am a fan of “surfing” blogs – or clicking my way through cyberspace, letting the currents take me where they will. It is most disappointing to read a comment from a fellow traveler and click their gravatar/avatar only to find a description of their blog and a request that I visit them – without so much as a clue as to how to come about it.
    Valuable instruction to the bloggin’ newbies and oldbies alike 😀

    • My pleasure, and duty as a responsible blogger! I hope that my regular readers don’t mind when I do this kind of thing, but since most “readers” are fellow bloggers I figure it is okay.

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