The Lat and Long of Light

It is forever amazing to me how external light reignites the internal one. In June of 2010, my first year living in Stockholm, I wrote a post called the Night Never Comes. It really was a shock to experience so much light. Three years later my perspective is a little different. I am overjoyed at the arrival of almost endless cycles of light, light, light, please, yes!

According to dear Wikipedia (find lots of other cities at that link):

  • Stockholm is 59°21′N lat and 18°04′E long, and I moved from..
  • Vancouver, which is 49°16′N lat and 123°07′W long, compared to where I grew up..
  • Halifax, which  is 44°39′N lat and 63°34′W long.

I am now approx 15° further north than my childhood home and 10° north of where I lived for a long time. I do not ever want to regret the sun and its helpful rays from doing whatever they want for however long they want.

It is still cold but now at 6 am, when my alarm is set to go off, I wake with a feeling that I want to get up. As I drive to the bus loop the sun shines directly into my eyes and I do not block it. On the tunnelbana I crank up the LCD light on my phone because the sun beams at me. At work mid-afternoon I wait as long as possible before reluctantly closing my blinds against monitor reflection. You can see that everyone is changing. People are smiling more. The gray faces tired of the dark cold winter feel hopeful again. Spring may not come for a while but we are being tempted by her.

Many people, myself included, experience depression and seasonal affective disorders (SAD). At this time of year, a little more light every day does  jump start you. And best of all, the light stays on until about 1800. We have not changed our clocks yet like everyone in North America (ours spring forward March 31st). Then the party starts. Book your tickets to midsommar.

 Welcome back dear friend. You have been missed.

It is not spring, but the green boots are still my spring boots

It is not spring, but the green boots are still my spring boots

7 thoughts on “The Lat and Long of Light

  1. Heya, thank you for supporting me again. I really love your writing and feel that we have a connection through our conversations. I’ll be following you, keep up the great job ☺ Lucas

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