Treat Your Blog Right

Regular blog review and maintenance, for all your social media, is important. When I came to WordPress last October, I was new to the platform and to all the blogging tools and options.  I want to share my tips with other bloggers in case you have not thought about these things.

Just like a garden your blog needs tending to help it grow.

Just like a garden your blog needs tending to help it grow.

Redesign and Improvement of Journey of Mixed Emotions

  • Browsed my theme options, and realized that I could do more with my choice. I saw another blog with the same theme, but they had a more interesting and dynamic front page. Me too!
  • Spent time reorganizing widgets to make the site balance better and reduce clutter. I had too much going on, too many images. I changed some grids to lists, and removed my background image.
  • Originally I had all my links listed on the front page, using the widget. I realized that I had a lot of information about Sweden that was better placed on a page, which was then accessed via a submenu (Useful Links).
  • I went back to old posts and made some edits, adjusted some links, removed clutter. Even though it is very rare that people end up on those posts, they do, and I want their first impression to make them click for more…
  • Looked through my huge personal photo library and added some new headers, removed some old ones.

Distribution and Maintenance

  • Systematically went through all the menu options in the Dashboard to see what I might improve or change on my front end.

For example, I realized that I needed to change the content in my RSS feed posts. Instead of making (I mean, encouraging) a subscriber click and come to my actual blog, I was losing stats and exposure by not changing that setting. Go to Settings>Reading>For each article in a feed, show>Summary.

  • Added my own blog to my Google + Reader so that I could monitor my posts and see what my audience see on their mobile or monitor. This is how I discovered I needed to change the settings above.
  • This tips applies more to Facebook…but review for security and privacy updates. Did something change? Can I tighten up the distribution in some way? Or should I be less restrictive?
  • It is good practice to go to your Reader>Blogs I Follow list and click around for a while. Remove blogs that are long gone or have not posted in months. The Reader is great, but you miss a lot of content. I use this list to revisit all the people I obviously wanted to follow but perhaps missed reading.
  • Reviewed the free blog directories where I submitted my blog , and if they have still not listed me I removed the images/links from my website. Only those blog directories that are active get to be here.
  • Are there categories you can roll up into a general topic? Now that I have more posts I was able to clean this up a bit more.
Clean lines. Clutter free.

Clean lines. Clutter free.


10 thoughts on “Treat Your Blog Right

  1. I really like what you have done to the place! Thank you for outlining your method and thought process. Just Tweakin’ – that’s part of the fun of blogging. Keeping a thoughtful eye on your readers experience and brilliant and worthwhile wordsmithery – such as this post – is what keeps me coming back…
    Keep on keeping on… after all, it IS the “Journey”

    • I found out about you thanks to Megan in Indianna nominating you for an award. So I clicked and could immediately see that you are a strong and willful young man. I admire you and can only imagine the things you have gone through. I look forward to hearing more about your strength of character through the blog world.

      • Thank you Amanda again for your support 🙂 I’m new to blogging, and this is a whole different support system full of great people who can help and teach each other. I look forward to also reading your posts 🙂

      • It is a great community if you make it so. Takes some time to get a feel for what works for you and your blog. Something I think you already have learned with your amazing resiliency and spirit is that you just keep working at things and remain open to the possibilities, no matter what they are. I look forward to hearing more about your journey, too.

      • Thanks for the tip Amanda 🙂 Your words are so kind and mean a lot. I’ll try find what works 🙂 As for now, I’m just writing for me and hopefully to inspire others 🙂

  2. These are GREAT ideas! I went through 4 themes and countless colors and widgets, and I still don’t know what the heck I am doing. So I just try and make my posts as interesting and error free as possible, and someday I will get a clue about the “meat” of the blog. I will re-look at this later, as the RSS feed is completely foreign to me.

    • You are welcome. I am a technical writer by day so I notice these things…and like to share. A lot of this is still foreign to me, too, trust me. The Internet is changing and growing every day, no one can keep up.

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