Versatile Blogger. Me?


It is flattering that the young lady at Lipstick and Chaos nominated me for this award. This acknowledgement is special because this blog is a baby…

I started this blog for selfish reasons (is it not a writer’s prerogative and destiny?) to help me sort out my thoughts and overwhelming feelings. But at my core I am an academic and critical thinker so I realized very quickly that I cannot escape myself so this blog will evolve as I evolve.

The rules of this particular contest (urrmmm game?) are that you have to:

  • link back to the nominating blogger
  • tell others 7 things about yourself and
  • nominate 15 other blogs (mmm, that rule can be broken. I won’t nominate for the sake of nominating…). 

This is an interesting dilemma. Everything I write is just truths about myself. Plus if I reveal too much you might figure out my other blogging identity, and I am not ready for that. So since the Truth Log lists 6 things about me, the 7th tidbit is:

  • My daily life is missing the connection I had in my home country, where I was able to put my experience to work in a variety of volunteer positions. I also am not coping well with not being able to communicate in English all the time.

As for nominating others…my own criteria are:

  1. I like what the blog has to say and it makes me feel good or informed. Since this is supposed to be for the versatile blogger (def. capable of doing many things competently) I have also made sure to include that in my choices.
  2. The person has not recently been nominated for the same award, or another award (it can be overwhelming to have to administrate these things too much)
  3. I look for someone who is a regular blogger and does not write lengthy posts. The   occasional post over 500 words is okay, but I don’t tend to read the very long essays that some people like to write. Attention span people, attention span!

Without further ado (PS: I spent a lot of time looking for these nominees) here are the 5 nominees:

The Goddess Weighs In: Found this lady through the Reader and read a couple of posts to see what was what. The reason I nominate her is because of this post and because!

An Opinionated Man (HarsH ReaLiTy): This guy may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I like him. He has spirit and spunk, and he writes A LOT but short posts, and a wide variety of things. He is quite new (started in January) but ya know? There are a lot of blogs out there, but not too much original content…unlike him.

Playing Your Hand Right: This guy, well, he is brave brave brave, young, young young, and has been stupid…but I understand him. And I liked his My Life page. A lot.

 Seth Snap: I like his photographs, they are soothing, plus he makes an effort to put some humour into the captions. He also is a responsible blogger and responds to comments and is active on WordPress.

Olivia Loves to Blog (aka Martha, the College Years): She is versatile. Totally.


6 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger. Me?

    • And so do the ones you nominated, follow their blogs as well! Keep up the good work!

      • Indeed, the connections made here make it all worth it! And the same goes for you, for as long as you’re allowed to be, do so and be well! ❤

  1. Everyone blogs for his/her own individual reasons, and what you have going here is quite intriguing. It’s great to be recognized by a blogging peer. Congrats.

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