Musical Interlude and Reflection

At fika this morning we discussed how the advent of digitized music will change how children remember music as adults. Even though CDs, cassettes, 45s, and LPs still exist in many households and second-hand stores, the electronic medium eliminates the physical ownership of something that can be seared into memory because of the cover art, or the sound of the needle hitting the vinyl, or the place in the record where the scratch affects the sound, for example.

When I was growing up in the 70s and 80s, I was given an album at Christmas every year. Underneath the stocking, which was hung with care, I would discover a new album leaning against the fireplace. In my small family we opened our presents after lunch, so this gift was to keep me occupied and out of my mom’s hair while she prepared the food. My dad was, and is, a huge music lover, and Scottish country dance teacher, so he would choose the gift.

A nod to Discogs because I found the album details quickly and easily…and seeing the cover art brought back a lot of memories for me.

ABBA for Christmas

I am currently living about 7 km from one of the ABBA singers. Which is hilarious and strange because I grew up in Nova Scotia, about 7000 km from Sweden. ABBA is forever ingrained in my memory banks and a number of their songs are the only ones I can maybe sing reasonably well if I were challenged in a Karaoke contest… Here are the five albums my dad gave me. The links are to more information on Discogs.

Do you remember these?

I clearly remember the album cover for the LPs below. Although I replaced most of my LPs with cassettes, and cassettes and LPs with CDs, (and now almost everything is replaced with Spotify), I kept these albums. Somewhere in my house they lean against the inside of a tea chest, next to the turntable that has nowhere to plug into…

Somewhere in these tea chests, my LPs are still with me.

Somewhere in these tea chests, my LPs are still with me.

And in the twist of a life getting older and a person who ponders such things, the magic of the Internet and YouTube enabled me to rediscover my childhood today.

Coolness…I am, am I?

In case this musical interlude leaves you wondering about my music tastes…I want to say that I am an avid and varied music listener. Someone once said to me that there are only two kinds of music, good and bad. What is good for one person may not be for another (this can extend to many things of course). My LPs, cassette tapes, CDs, iPod, and Spotify collections all support my HUGELY varied tastes. Stay tuned as I am sure there will be other posts about music in the future.

PS. I still know all the words to Blister in the Sun and Add it Up (Violent Femmes, 1983), First and Last and Always (Sisters of Mercy, 1985), Nightporter (Japan, 1982), Tainted Love (Soft Cell, 1981 although I loveMarilyn Manson’s version even more)..and many more…but of course my dad would never give me that kind of music!

Psst. Pass it on. 


One thought on “Musical Interlude and Reflection

  1. Oh wow, that takes me back! ABBA Take A Chance On Me was the first 45rpm I ever bought. And my chidhood was blighted too by the novelty albums that were so popular in the 70’s: Rolf Harris, Max Bygraves, Puff the Magic Dragon, Ray Conniff, Benny Hill, Acker Bilk and his saxophone, Spike Jones and his crazy band with humourous songs, Perry Como in his Christmas sweaters …. yikes! But are you telling me your grandparents never subjected you to Pinky and Perky’s album? Ya got off light, girl!

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