Big Deep Chasm of Writing

I have been thinking about the murky, mucky, caffeine frazzled void, into which we writers of most ilks, write. We usually have no idea who reads or glances at our stuff or if they like it or are entertained. Some loyal followers and fellow writers are usually very supportive and eager to tell you (BIG THANX BTW). But I also appreciate that some are not on WordPress (it is much easier to click like than to bother with a comment) and there are sure to be many shy and private voyeurs out there (BIG THANX to you, too). I can only hope that maybe I write something worthwhile on a regular basis.  Just know that I get that little glow of happiness when someone out there (you), a stranger, connects with me, even if I don’t know it.

I read it. Did you?

I read it. Did you?

This experience extends to other types of writing and writers as well. Emails work memos project proposals letters Postit notes news articles nameless press releases. Everywhere writers are writing and no one really notices. And sometimes that is the way it should be. Invisible writing…oh oh! and what about all those song writers and stellar editors out there who make other writers writing worth reading! And script doctors and staff writers and copywriters…the list is as dong long as the chasm is deep.

I am also all of the types of writers, photographers, poets, and readers out there, depending on the day and my mood. The more I think about it the more I think we bloggers have it easy. Even if one person clicks like or comments or increases my stats I know I was seen, if only for a second.  That is more than I can say for the user guides and help files I have been writing for years. No one reads those. It is a known fact. But they keep paying me anyway, so I can do my fun writing for free!


8 thoughts on “Big Deep Chasm of Writing

  1. LOL I know what you mean. I am sure writing user guides isn’t the most fulfilling in the same way changing a diaper isn’t the fun part of being a mom. I am glad you have a job and a blog and that we found each others writing. ((Hugs))

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