Class, what did you learn today?

Today I reversed engineered Stumbled Upon to find inspiration for my post. I found an article by Family on Bikes 50 lessons I wish I had learned earlier. I did not read the post, but I liked the topic. Here are a few lessons I have learned and feel like sharing today.

Lesson 1. Most things you think others don’t like about you are irrelevant to your existence.

Until you fuck it up.

For example, if you think you have fat knees or a big nose, few people will be looking at your knees if they are having a conversation with you and you are animated and interesting. And even if they notice the big nose, it is almost 100% unlikely that they will say anything because people think you probably already know this, so why bring it up? And then after these people love you for all the important things, your fat knees and big nose are never, ever noticed or mentioned. Until you bring it up in the conversation, of course. Which leads to lesson 2.

Lesson 2. We are our own worst enemy.

See lesson 1. Plus all those internal conversations you have that prevent you from achieving or attempting life the way you want it.

Stop talking shit to yourself. Spend the time more wisely.

Lesson 3. It is all in the attitude.

And I don’t mean bad attitude. I mean confidence. I took a burlesque class and several of us ladies were rubenesque goddesses. Trust me, no one notices a bit of jiggle if that jiggley bit is gyrating and the body attached is having fun and throwing sparkles into the wind. The most popular performers are always those with the attitude that draws the attention to the positive and flowing energy of confidence. 

Throw sparkles to the wind every chance you get.

Lesson 4. Appreciate a wide range of music (or art in general).

If you limit yourself to certain types of music, you will most definitely miss out on experiences that may inspire you. Metallica is classified as heavy metal. I am not a fan of heavy metal in general. But they wrote and performed two of my favorite ballads The  Unforgiven and Nothing Else Matters. There are many examples like this because art cannot always be classified as this or that. To me, music is the key to understanding cultures, people, love, hate, politics, fashion, trends, emotion, anger, pretty much everything in life.

Keep your mind open. And wait till the count of 10 to open your mouth.

Lesson 5. Trust your instincts.

We live in a society filled with fear. Don’t talk to strangers. Don’t make eye contact. Lock your doors. And this is important. But also remember that if someone smiles, it is not necessarily because they want to harm you or con you. It might be because they like your hat. The majority of people we encounter in our daily travels are good and kind people. Yes, be aware, be cautious. But be equally open to non harmful behaviours like smiling and holding doors open for people. Or maybe let that person with one item get in front of you at the checkout. Or buy lunch for a homeless person. They probably won’t bite you if they can bite a burger instead.

Sometimes a smile is just a smile. Why not return it?


4 thoughts on “Class, what did you learn today?

  1. Here’s one for procrastinators (me!); Most people wait too long to start something, they wait until they ‘know enough’. Fear stops them, so they never actually start. Or if they do, they have no patience with the process and duck out at the first ‘failure to launch’. ANTIDOTE – Control your thoughts to control your luck. EXAMPLE – It’s a well known fact that Babe Ruth broke the record for his hits, but it is a little known fact that he also broke the record for the most misses!

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