Betcha Didn’t Know…

I am conducting experiments on you.  By opening the post, clicking like, following me or commenting, you are helping me figure out:

  • What country you are from (although mirror sites can confuse the data)
  • The key words that draw you in
  • If you click another link
  • What search terms are used
  • When you are referred by another weblink

WordPress gives me most of that data but it is also fun to try and figure out what I can on my own.

I am trying different things:

Does posting at lunch time in Sweden make any difference. Weekends?  Short or long posts? Personal or factual? Do I think the post title worked? Was it catchy enough? Do I get more views with poems or photos? Do my readers like bullet points or essays? What kind of post results in a reader following me? What do we have in common if you do follow me or browse my site? Would it be better to have different websites for different topics?

Should I really care what you think or just write from the heart?

Editor’s note: You don’t need to answer that question..I already know what I have to do.


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