Did u no? No no no no…

  • Being 45 is a lot like 17..but there is hopefully more money, generosity of spirit, as well as better wine and food. Thing is, there is less time and more responsibility.
  • Movies and music are the great way to let out your emotions but still be able to blame it on other people’s art.
  • Rainy places may be wet but they are easier on the skin and they can make your hair curly.
  • For some..it seems to be easier to get access to a gun than medical help or support.
  • It matters..tell someone you love them. Right now.
  • Small children do not deserve to die. For any reason.

Sending my thoughts and healing energy to those around the world dealing with these tragedies, any senseless one. Be the change that matters.

Message to US policy makers (for that matter, any policy maker, anywhere): Spend no time and money on trying to understand this latest tragedy. I think enough evidence has been gathered. Find a way to change things…



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