Free Art in Brussels

I am not much of a museum person, I prefer to wander the streets taking photographs and finding the free art that every city has to offer. My recent visit to Brussels was no exception, although on my last day the weather was so awful I did hide in a movie theatre for the afternoon instead of wandering the streets.  I thought I would share some of the art I found.

The first image is just outside the Magritte Museum and is called The Son of Man. This is just a print, but I loved that I could get a photo reflecting the clock in the square behind René Magritte

Paper on the wind.

This was a mural on a street wall behind my hotel. I just liked it; it was simple but hopeful. Paper on the wind.


The Cat on a bike is a sculpture made by artist Alain Séchas entitled “La Cycliste” It was ordered by the city of Brussels in 2005  It is found in front of the Galeries Royales on the corner of rue Montagne-aux-Herbes-Potagères.




Hard Working Cat

There are lots of murals on once blank walls. I did not capture very many. Brussels is full of comic book art and it is great that artists can express themselves freely.


Look up!

Sea shell

Not only should you look up in Brussels, but down, too. I found this metal seashell embedded in the ground.

I really can’t do justice to two amazing carousels that are part of the winter festival. If I was a little kid, it would be the only thing I would do for hours. Every single ride was different. There are amazing rides. Airplanes and seahorses, and cellos and bugs, and robots and submarines… Maneges d’Andrea and the Maneges Magique were made by hand by a man called Andrea in 1999. Amazing. Truly magical. It was a highlight of my visit.




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