Phase NaNoMicro Complete

Wahoo-eeee! I did it, I wrote 50, 462 words in 27 days! And that does not include the posts to this blog…

But that is just the beginning really. A microdot in the world of words. According to the counter on NaNoWriMo’s site, as of now 2,737,323,288 words are kicking around in a myriad of computer systems around the world trying to finish NaNo by Friday. Which means that number will grow even more over the next 3 days. Mmm, 30 seconds later I refreshed my browser and the number is now 2,737,590,370 so you can see where this is headed.

At any rate, I am done this microphase and will be pouring myself a big glass of red wine and sit down to watch an episode or two of Hung. Cause I can. Cause I WROTE SOMETHING!


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