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His life was like a series of disconnected movies with plot slices randomly flashing through his brain. He could never remember the full plot, just the essence of a character, a blip of a scene, and then that  scene would remind him of another, and he would dart off down an endless pit of emotions with nothing connecting him back to the same plot or character. And when he would try to climb out of the dank innards of his mind he would forget where he was in the movie; whether it would ever end……He remembered the essence of his parents, sporadic bursts about their short time together, but then the scene would shift to a car chase, perhaps part of a blockbuster picture, where fire and pain were screeching toward a natural conclusion. But the producers and directors failed to tell the writer this feature-length movie of this life, his life, was not going to be made in time. 

At the time of writing…only 3875 words to go. My plan is to finish by Thursday, hopefully sooner. I am taking a short break this weekend, going to Brussels to take photos and eat bagels, and pommes frites {and and and mmmmm exploring the Brusselicious food event while I am there!}… but before the week is over I want to decide, or at least have a small plan of action about what to do post-NaNo.

This month I have:

  1. Written almost every day for NaNo.
  2. Manged to post 10 times to this blog (this being the tenth).
  3. Written some interesting things, even though a lot of the stuff coming out of my head is, to put it mildly, crap, there might be gold in dem der Scrivner pages.
  4. Started to both hate and like the story and characters emerging from the electrical impulses.
  5. Decided to pursue some freelance work.

Next month (Editor’s note: let’s be realistic, over the next couple of months) I want to:

  1. Revisit the burbling, bubbling, blob of words I have puked out.
  2. Keep the momentum going with this blog.
  3. Continue to write every day – in any form, about anything, and anyone. Editor’s note: remember what the lawyers told you about slander….

Yup. Yes. Ja. I think three goals are quite enough for now.


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