Some days, particularly these days…


I CANNOT be bothered to…

  • Put makeup on
  • Hang up my clothes
  • Put on tights and a skirt every morning
  • Iron anything, anytime, EVER
  • Empty the cat litter (sorry boys! I will be better today!)
  • Go out at lunch for a walk (because I am writing!)
  • Organize my summer and winter clothes
  • Read Facebook news feeds

I CAN be bothered to:

  • Write this blog
  • Concoct a yummy Thai basil stir fry
  • Buy wine
  • Drink coffee
  • Feed the unneutered barn cat, who recently lost his source of daily grub
  • Pump out something in the region of 1800 words a day
  • Obsessively check my stats on WordPress
  • Read other people’s blogs

4 thoughts on “Some days, particularly these days…

  1. Are you feeling grey? This is the kind of days that you’re suppose to stay indoors, with wine and and something great to eat and escape from everything! Lot’s of love!!❤❤

  2. I know what you mean about ironing! Also the hanging-up clothes-and-putting-on-make-up business. Both, well, all three are pretty much a waste of time in my book. Doing the HowareyouI’m fineYoulooklikeyou’velostweightWantodolunchsometime? small talk at parties I do not enjoy also ranks high on my I can’t be bothered with list! You?

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