Beginner NaNo Notes

Writing is Hard

Day 2 of NaNoWriMo and I decided to supplement the fiction with a bit of non-fiction. Because fiction is hard (apologies to subscribers for the preëmptive post…fat fingers, low caffeine consumption).

Yesterday I woke up and quickly wrote over 700 words before work. And at lunch about the same. I thought..I type fast and have lots in my brain to expunge so this will be ok (in other words, dear readers, I thought it would be easy).

“Who da fool?”

By night I realized my random thoughts were terrible and that I had no real central idea I liked the most (several are kicking around). I wrote 200 more words and closed my Mac and ate chocolate instead. Yes I made the daily quota and yes I can bang on endlessly in a few days and get to the end before the end but now I want to stop thinking linearly and develop characters. One of these things I know how to do the other not at all.

This is ok. There is no one reading the duff only the blog. Focus on effecting change and creating characters I want to know or kill. The journey does not need perfection or coherence. I can have one chapter about time traveling ants and one chapter about dishes, if I want. Oh yeah. That works.

Today is a pre-red day (C gets tomorrow off, we get to go home 2 hours earlier today see my red days post I wrote about in the early months of living here). Trusty Mac (who I must name soon) is with me and I will go to a café and work before going out for dinner. I will write at lunch too. I just glanced down at the word count for this post, and I have already written, 302 words…crap. I can’t count them for NaNo!

Desoto Says, Get to Work!


4 thoughts on “Beginner NaNo Notes

  1. T also works till 13:00 on Fridays so most of the time I then also take the afternoon off, being a consultant and thus responsible for my own hours of work. It is special spending those extra few hours together on a Friday and it kind of feels like cheating since most of the other people are still working. That is of cause until you go to a shopping mall and think if anyone is actually working with all the people around…

  2. Rigorously honest, contemplating every eventuality, giving fair brain-room to each possibility … the characteristics that make me love you and you despair of yourself. Now pick one idea and expand it. Note the others for further exploration in another time. What is the first one that comes to mind? That’s the one … yes, that one …

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  4. Annas suggestion sounds great. And maybe you, in a litterature way, can have what you write here as a part of the novel.

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