The Art and Science of Blogging

When I moved my blog to WordPress, I did not internally acknowledge to myself how addictive it could be to have strangers around the world like a photo, what I write, or take the time to comment or follow my blog. I ache for the validation, more than I could ever have expected.

It is fascinating how many blogs about blogs, blogs about writing, and blogs about NaNo, there are. I am sure that if I search any topic, I will be equally stunned by how many people have things to say about whatever it is they feel strongly about today. As a new semi-regular blogger embarking on NaNo for the first time, I have been swallowing all the information I can before Thursday when my world either im- or explodes. As I am wont to do, instead of writing, I am reading about it…until now.

There is a science and mathematical formula to this blogging world that involves getting people to notice your posts. If I post in the morning, will I get more readers than if I post at night? Does my time zone have an impact on the number of readers that see my post before it scrolls off the end of the eworld? How to best tag and categorize, add useful links, embed key phrases to encourage search engines to find me? What other search engines (such as Technorati) should I register with to maximize my readership? Be creative! Oh the pressure…testing short titles that entice people to want to enter your site. Most successful movies, TV shows and books have short memorable titles if you think about it.

The art of this blogging-sphere is also comprised of reaching out to other people who share your interests and dysfunctions. There is a smart way to engage with others and not jam their spam with unnecessary comments and self serving random click-liking. One post was dedicated to the question of what etiquette is required to respond to comments in this medium (very interesting) and others have tips about NaNo prep and survival. I have delved a little into the mental health blogs because I find it soothing in a weird way. I am also experimenting with what I write in these blogs, such as poetry, photography, food, random thoughts, tips about Stockholm, and so forth. It goes against the advice I have read that says to focus on one specific area to gain more readers, but I really don’t care. I am agog at the things others randomly like or the post that gets someone to follow me (small following that it is), and it was so exciting when one of my poems, and a favorite photo of mine, was reblogged the other week on BlogDogIt. What fun!

Blending the art and science is what I do, who I am. I used to work in the criminal justice system where using social media to expose your personal feelings, birth date, or photos, for example, was absolutely, completely, taboo, and potentially dangerous to you for blackmail or harassment reasons. And now I want to willingly tell you my murky secrets, which are really not that bad, and hope you broadcast it to your friends? I figure since I am not a breeder this is my genetic legacy. But in the words of Forrest Gump “That’s all I have to say about that”.

8 days later, I have one more thing to say. The experiment continues. I added a few of my blog pages to StumbleUpon  and instantly got more views. Hmmmm, interesting.


3 thoughts on “The Art and Science of Blogging

  1. Well written Amanda, and that bit about being re-blogged on BlogDogIt was especially sweet 😉

    On the success of a blog: Never discount the element of sheer randomness. The luck of the draw. However I am keen to Louis Pasteur’s observation that “Chance favors only the prepared mind.”

    Best wishes to you as you embark on your NaNoWriMo quest. Enjoy the “Journey” – I certainly do. Thank you!

    • Pasteur’s observation was especially relevant since there is evidence that he misappropriated the findings of Antoine Bechamp.

  2. Amanda,
    I’m not sure how you found my blog or what it was that prompted the “like” and “follow,” (both much appreciated, btw) however, I am very pleased you did so, for it allowed me to find yours, like, and follow.

    I am a poor follower and may visit sporadically and mess with your stats, just giving you fair warning.

    When I first started realizing the stats function and then really got into posting regularly and expanding my network of blogs and bloggers, I started getting addicted to the little orange notification symbol and got a tad OCD about checking my stats. It’s calmed down a little, sometimes, maybe, I suppose. So, it’s always gratifying to read that I’m not the only one who has gotten sucked into the novelty of it all. I’m still awed to see that people in so many other countries are reading my words. It’s humbling and head-expanding at the same time.

    Thanks again for stopping by.
    Be well,

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