Tourist in My Old/New Town, Stockholm, Sweden

I thought it appropriate to do post about what to do in Stockholm, in the rainy or not rainy autumn (with outlying snatches of sun). Also because that is one of my goals for this blog; to provide tips and ideas to others (that would be you).

A British friend, my first visitor to Sweden not related to me, is coming on Friday to hang out for few days. I have vague hopes of at least one day being a little sunny, and her entire visit will be shaped around whatever day we might be able to go to Sandhamn in the Archipelago. I really want to go to Sandhamn to take photos as it is something C and I have wanted to do since I moved here 3 years ago. I also know that once I start to feel less like a tourist, more like an inhabitant of Sweden/Stockholm, the less homesick for Vancouver I might be.


Being a Tourist in My Own Town

My first choice for any day is to go to Fotografiska since I am already a member, we both love photography, and it is a great space. I went to the Vasa Museum (Museet) the first time I came to Stockholm and my uncle cannot stop raving about it. My favourite part is the skeletons…and it is near to other interesting walks and places in case the weather improves.

And that is about it for my tolerance level for “museums”.

  • In general, we will explore Gamla Stan (the birthplace of Stockholm way back in 1252) , Södermalm, and hopefully go to Sigtuna. My first exposure to Sweden (aside from the airport) was this wonderful little town where my brother and sister-in-law were living, and the reason I came to Sweden originally.
  • It would be a good idea to check out Kulturhuset too, since I (hanging head in disgrace) have never gone inside. And this is surprising since it contains almost everything I love – restaurants, shops, art, and second hand stuff…
  • And of course, last but not least, we shall explore Ekerö, where I live with my two cats and C on a farm, on an island, outside of Stockholm, far far away from Vancouver.



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