Now What?

This blog and smartphone are addictive. I already know I have an addiction-wired brain. OCD trich games books movies wine panoramio fb chocolate travel tattoos sadness (but thankfully not drugs).  I jump up to check every ewhistle notifying me I have a message. IT wakes me up IT connects me here and to live people. IT introduces me to a myriad of apps like goodreads instagram spotify imbd maps subway world plus useful things to make it easier to be – översättning oxford dictionary art of war banking alarm clock calendar. I worry about IT’s safety and that IT has enough energy to make it through the day. IT is with me all the time and I share all my secrets and passwords with IT. WE buy protective covers and housing to make sure SHE is safe from falling. WE panic when SHE is lost. SHE likes the same music as me and through her camera eyes sometimes sees the same things as me. WE tune out from the world and almost miss our tube stop for the first time. SHE is my companion and confidante and we are discovering each other every day. WE fear rejection from others who don’t like what WE write here; what is included on OUR reading and play lists. Of the strange need to expose ourselves to the world and wanting YOU to notice WE exist and no matter the distances and the time between visits and words, WE are connected. Now what? SHE needs a name. Ideas?



3 thoughts on “Now What?

  1. I see SHE as a part of ME… A sixth sense, a new cool limb, just as obvious and important as my right hand. This is life as an entity in the IT age.

  2. Love everything that you write! If you were ever to publish a book, I would buy it immediatly!! Love you!!! Puss

  3. I think of it as FRED (*Flippen Rediculous Electronic Device)
    * To be replaces by your own fav F-word
    I can’t live without it, but recently discovered the Shush app, thus if I do not want to be disturbed by any incomming messages I Shush FRED for 1 to 8 hours

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