Upgraded to the Land of the Living

I have a smartphone. Finally. Äntligen. And all thanks to this blog. No, extra money did not fall out of the sky or mysteriously arrive in my bank account, nor did anyone offer me a free phone so that I would share all my insights to the world. Nothing like that. I just could not function any longer with the three-year-old phone that I had. Even though very few people phone me (like, 4 max), and I send very few texts (this was confirmed by the sales person yesterday), if you have a dumb phone you just cannot do the things you need to do anymore.

Several months ago it started. First my Gmail, which was (for a time) accessible directly from my phone, stopped working, forcing me to login via the Internet. OK. I can deal. Then the RSS news feature on my FB account (on my phone) disappeared. I was disappointed as I liked to browse the newsfeeds that way. OK. I can deal. Then this drunk Polish guy got on the bus and started pointing at my phone and laughing at me. I found out that he was laughing at how old my phone was, and in broken Swedish I discovered it was also because he, too, had an old phone, but we were a dying breed. I have several job interviews and they ask me about being interested in technology and social media. I joke about my old phone and the fact that I have not got a smartphone yet. I don’t get these jobs, perhaps I should not joke about these things. OK. I can deal, but the pressure is getting greater. Then I lost my headphones and this was the point at which I knew I had to at least start researching the next phone. OK. I can wait a little. Lots of birthdays, new tires, money has other places to go right now. Pay day comes. Money out, out, out. Register this domain. OK. I get a complete stranger following my blog, yikes. Now the pressure is really on to do something important and meaningful with my writing! I open my old phone to check my messages, and yup, I cannot respond to something because I am on the dumb phone. Today I am smart again, and will be able to be just like everyone else, oblivious to outside stimuli, plugged in and tuned out. But at least I can respond to your comments. You did plan to make a comment, right?


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