Purr and Her Therapy

I often think, as my little black cat Tio settles in on my neck, or sticks his butt in my face, that if I could bottle the healing power of cats I would be rich. I have two cats who purr in stereo, and they purr a lot. But I like to believe they purred more than usual this week. They also were curled at my feet during the movie marathon (Desoto), pawed more at my face (Tio), curled up in the crook of my arm (Desoto), and smiled at me more than usual (both). I hope that it is not just because of the Temptations/Dreamies cat treats (note to self, I need to post about that adventure!).

Purr therapy. I just did a Google search, and of course this is documented and blogged about by other cat people (and surprised new cat people). This site sufficiently quoted real research. I am sure there is much more out there, but I am not getting paid to find the answer, so this is sufficient for today. In a nutshell (or a fur ball), the frequency at which the cat purrs has been shown to have healing powers, both for them and for us.

Her therapy. This is related to the art of female discussions and the healing it can bring quite quickly. I don’t have as big a network here in Sweden, and my friends in Vancouver are usually sleeping or just waking up when I need them. The other challenge is that I don’t want to burden people with a downer, or ostracize them, or basically lose the few friends I do have because I am no fun. But the Her therapy came from a strange place this time. From C’s ex!!!! I have been living here for 2.5 years, done a whole bunch of stuff for her kids, contributed to her wedding gift…but well, we have never “bonded” for obvious reasons. We like each other well enough, but we are not close buddies. So, surprise, surprise, last night she called to lend some support to me during this time.  I was drunk enough to be happy enough not to seem too down…and extended my gratitude for her offer of support.


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