Getting a Swedish Driver’s License Part I

For Europeans, you simply have to exchange your country’s driver license for a Swedish one- easy peasy. For the rest the world, even those of us with 25 years good driving (and! on the right-hand side, unlike the brits and japanese!!!), you have to start from the beginning.

I don’t have a problem with this except that it is a little expensive, but at least they give you a year’s grace where you can use your regular license. Then there is an expectation (actually, a requirement) that you get a Swedish license. I thought I would include some of the information here for other people like me so that you can learn and save time. Again, this is for North Americans (Canada and US). I cannot speak for other countries, although some of what I am about to explain is probably the same for you. You need a personnummer for this process.

The first place you should go to for information is the new governing body website. Click International (in the right-hand corner) to get a version in English. There are some useful things translated into English to help guide you, and I won’t repeat that information.

The next step is to get the forms to apply for a preliminary license. My boyfriend actually ordered it for me, but you can also try and figure it out on line here. For a regular car driver, I think it is the first form.

When you get the forms, pay the 220 crowns using internet banking, fill out the form, and go to any eye doctor to get your eyes checked (100 crowns), have them fill in the form. Then send the application back and wait for the approval.

The next thing I have learned is that you can buy the Driving License Book in English that explains all the theory and rules of the road. There are many trafikskola offices, and I just walked into one and bought mine for 575 kr. It also comes with a little booklet with all the road signs.

The same trafikskola told me that there are 3 more things I have to do before I am eligible to take the theory and practical driving test. First, there is a märkerdemonstration (which translates into dark demonstration!!! hee hee) but I am not sure yet what it is…and it costs 995 kr and takes 3 hours, and you can do it before you get your preliminary license.

The next thing is a required riskkurs ett (risk course)  which is a very good thing to have (I worked in police media relations and this involved doing a lot of press releases about fatal car crashes because of alcohol and drugs…) . The approximate cost is 790 kr, and you have to book it in advance. I think you need your preliminary license for this.

The last course is riskkurs gillinge halkbana, which is ice driving or something like it. The website address I was given doesn’t work, but here is an alternate It is in Swedish so use Google translate to help you. The cost of the second course is about 1625 kr.

After you have done these risk courses, then you can write the theory test and take the driving test on the same day. You can request the theory test in English (and other languages). The form is also available on line. I also think you can take the road test in English, just make sure to ask in advance. You can also request the use of a car from the place you take the test (don’t know the answers to these questions yet…). I also don’t know how much this part costs.

So far it costs 4305 kr

  • 220kr for a prelim license
  • 100 kr for the eye test
  • 575 kr for the book
  • 995 kr for the dark course (???)
  • 790 for risk course 1
  • 1625 kr for risk course 2

Of course these prices are for Stockholm, and I think some trafikskola are cheaper, but it gives you a rough idea for us people who already have a license. I should also mention that if you drive automatic, this can be a problem, as I think you need to know how to drive a standard (aka stick shift, manual). I think there are 2 classes of license, and if you get one for the automatic it really limits what you can drive…

That is about all for today’s lesson. I am going off to get my eyes checked at lunch and to send in my request for the prelim license. And then I have to wait for the next pay cheque before I can do anything else.


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