Living in Expensive Cities

As I bought my latte this morning, the lovely lady making it for me told me she was going to London for a holiday. And that London was expensive. I lived in London in the late 80s, then I moved to Vancouver, and now I am in Stockholm. Except for growing up in Halifax, I have always ended up in expensive cities and countries. It is good in one way because the shock of moving from Vancouver to Stockholm, for example, was minimized by the fact that most things cost about the same.

A latte costs about 30 kr, which is about C$4. Monthly travel card is 690 kr, about C$95, which is about the same as a 2 zone pass in Vancouver. A fast food lunch from MickeyDs costs about 60kr, or about $8… a bit more expensive (would cost about $6.50) but not off by much. Satellite TV monthly fee, about 250 kr, or $35..about right. Same with cell phone monthly fees. My rent is almost exactly what I paid in Vancouver…but the electricity costs are MUCH higher (that was scary). 2 thin crust pizzas tonight cost about the same as a delivery pizza, about C$15, but with less bread…

Yup. Except for the thousands of dollars it cost me to move from London to Vancouver in 1991, and Vancouver to Stockholm in 2009, it is about the same prices.


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