The Night Never Comes

I miss the stars and the darkness

I have been quiet. I know. Sometimes life gets in the way of a blog about your life. Sometimes moving to a foreign country is exhausting and taking a break from all the communicating is necessary. Sometimes I am just lazy.

Summer is here in Stockholm. It is quite lovely but the days have been long…and by this I mean, it never gets really dark! We have crested over the longest day of the year, and made it through mid-summer, but since about the last time I blogged, it has been so light outside all the time it is surreal. Well, surreal for a girl from Vancouver via England and Nova Scotia.

Yup. At 2300 it is as light as if it is 1800 at night. At 0300 it is like mid morning sun. And we are not prepared with dark curtains at the cottage because during the winter it is the complete opposite. For the last six weeks I have woken up around 0400 thinking I over slept and my alarm didn’t go off.

The cats are equally confused but in a cat sort of way, which really means nothing because I am just anthropormorphizing them.

I experienced my first mid-summer festivities…sorry kids, no photos, forgot the camera at home. Hopefully C’s friend will give me some. It was a lot of fun. I was able to convince everyone (except one 13 year old boy, go figure) to do the frog dance around the daisy covered cross and sing silly songs. And we drank a very tasty liquor made of fläder flowers…and stayed up into the light night…yup, summer is pretty awesome here, not exactly sure why me and C are going to Spain instead of enjoying Sweden before the darkness falls and the stars come back…

Here is some information about what midsummer is all about…and in fact, we did it! (except the costume, although I did make a wreath crown for my head).


2 thoughts on “The Night Never Comes

  1. “For the last six weeks I have woken up around 0400 thinking I over slept and my alarm didn’t go off”…thought I was the only one!!
    Hej, jag heter Anastasia and I moved to Sweden 10 months ago for the same reason you did. Very interesting blog, keep it up 🙂

    • Hi Anastasia. Happy to help…please feel free to email me again if you want..I am always looking for other expats to share ideas and experiences with…

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