You can tell by the perfume I am wearing

..which of the two houses I (we) are living in during any given week.

C and his ex-wife have a relatively unique situation. When they divorced, they kept the house for the kids, and that is where they live full time. The parents (and now me to a certain extent) move in every 2nd week, alternating between the kids’ house and two other places where they live separately.

For the longest time, during those alternating weeks, C lived in a shack, a 3 m squared place on a friend’s  property. It was only after I moved here in September, and we rented where we live now, that he was able to really have a place to relax and call his own.

Even though the kids were aware that their parents went somewhere else in the off weeks, I don’t think it really registered how small it was until recently. C finally cleared out some of his things from the shack and we were on the verge of getting a first-hand contract for the cottage, and I said that we were celebrating the new phase of C’s life. Both the kids were bowled over by the fact that their dad lived in the small place for 5 years… I don’t know how he did it, but I am glad that my arrival has improved his living arrangements.

In fact, on Christmas day, we had the kids at the cottage for dinner, and they stayed the night. It was the first time since the divorce that C had been able to take his kids to his house…I don’t think they realized what a big deal that is to C (and me). In essence, for 5 years, C’s life was on hold for 6 months of the year.

It has been a major challenge adjusting to this way of life. The kids are really cool and well adjusted, and C and his ex get on great (there is no way I would have given up my life in Canada and moved here if that were not true!). But I can say without hesitation that it was (and still is) stressful at times.

I have now gotten into the habit of buying 2 of everything all the time. Even clothes. I bought a nice dress yesterday, and decided to buy a 2nd one in a different color to leave at the kids house. It just makes it easier, albeit expensive. It is also easier because I am, well, a big boned, traditionally built, lady, and it is really hard to find clothes I like in the right sizes (another post topic for sure!).

So yes, the perfume I am wearing today is Channel No. 5. Can you guess which house I am in?


One thought on “You can tell by the perfume I am wearing

  1. You are at the cottage??

    Hello Amanda!

    Thanks for doing this blog – it helps when I need some Amanda time.

    Miss you!


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