Rounding up money

Something else that has recently made me say “wait a minute!” is related to the practice that stores have of rounding up (or down?)  the final price of a bill.  This is most apparent when you are food shopping.

The advertised price, for example, for a pre-made lunch at Coop is 59.90 kr. But there are no 10 ore coins for the change, so when you pay, you pay 60 kr. Basically, the store gets the 0.10 ore that you should get as change. My boyfriend says that they also round down, so if you buy a lot of items and your total is  160.40 kr, then they supposedly round down to 160kr. But I am not convinced that this happens as I only remember to check when they round up.

In this age of electronic banking, where we seem to use our cards for everything, it seems fair, and correct, that I should get that 10 ore back (ore are like pennies, nickels, quarters, but there is only 1 kind. All the rest are called krona). If I buy lunch every day (5 times) I would be owed 50 ore, which there IS a coin for. When you add up this forced donation to big corporations…well, the old adage, a penny saved is a penny earned comes to mind. Not happy about this.


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