Living in Sweden: Some More Tips


Here are some more links and tips about moving and settling into Stockholm life. The things I have learned that I found useful or comforting in some way.

Blocket instead of Craigslist 

I used Craigslist in Vancouver for both my regular life and for the move here. I bought and sold things, and adopted my beautiful cat Desoto through Craigslist (and yes, he is with me in Sweden!)

For some reason, although there is a Craigslist for Stockholm, everyone uses Blocket instead. Exactly the same thing, but of course in Swedish. Once again, it is a good thing Google created their Translation program…it is not perfect by any means but it has helped me find out information and learn the language.

Before you move….buy Rosetta Stone and go to the library 

The link above is to the official website for this excellent software. You can probably find an earlier version for cheaper.. but I recommend it if you know you are moving here.

I also went to my local library at home and ordered as many CDs of Swedish language and then downloaded it to my Ipod. Then I drove back and forth to work trying to learn, or at least get familiar with, the Swedish language.

Online translation dictionaries

Google is good for quick and dirty translations, but when you have to navigate job boards, government paperwork, signing up for school…there are better places to find out the answers.

Lexin – The better online translation program “Lexin is primarily produced to meet the need of immigrant education” 


Norstedts dictionary – invest in a pocket one and use the online

Various links to other dictionaries

Canadian Residents Abroad – Tax Info

Tax season is here, just in case you need to read up about this and figure out whether you are a non-resident, deemed non-resident and so forth

Verifying your Canadian education or degree 

I didn’t need to do this, but if you have the kind of degree or profession that requires verification (doctors, teachers, etc) then this is where you get the information and forms.

That is it today for some of the information I gathered during my planning! Hope it helps you.


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