Just Writing

I have my first technical writing course tonight – all about single sourcing. I am looking forward to it as I love to learn and quite frankly I am sick of working…being is school is a good thing. When I did my degree, you heard about all these graduates who would go out to look for work, and when it didn’t happen, they would go back to BCIT to take a course in order to get a job. Although I have been working since I graduated over 5 years ago, I find myself in the same boat – my degree is worth something, but not enough for many employers in the LMD (that short for lower mainland – that includes Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey, Langley, White Rock, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, West & North Vancouver, Richmond and probably some others these days). I love it here so much that I want to try and secure my next existence under these mountain skies.

I have been contemplating my interview yesterday and have increased the percentage to 95% not likely to take the job if offered. The idea of commuting is repugnant and expensive, the stress would be enormous, and quite frankly I wouldn’t be earning enough to subject myself to more of the red bandits. I have very fond memories (and some not so fond) which I would like to preserve if I can.

Besides, I also had that brief phone interview with a company where I was applying for an editor position, but the interviewer said she liked my writing style, could they keep me on the list if a writing job came up. I guess I really might be more of a writer than editor, although I can obviously do both as most of us wordy types have to be multi-faceted. I do need to improve some of my software skills like Adobe In Design & Framemaker in order to be the most marketable, but the tech writing should give me some breadth that I need for this.

Yes, my ramble continues to be about looking for work. It is all consuming, devouring both my time and my inner strength. I know I am not unique to this quest, but it is a very isolating experience. I took the current temp job to make sure I didn’t fall off the edge of the job hunt cliff where one can’t be bothered to accomplish anything. In fact, I have accomplished quite a bit of spending money I don’t have. First this course ($450), then I booked a flight home to visit the parents in Halifax ($500) – admittedly half price, but still when I look at my negative bank account it is really not relevant how much you “save”. Still, my father is now over 80 and I haven’t seen them for 3 years, and I have been feeling very guilty. So am I visiting to assuage my guilt or to warmly embrace the people who spawned me? Not really sure.

That’s about all I got for the time being.


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