Smokey and Tio

Smokey (top) Tio (bottom)

Smokey came into my life in March 2000 and Tio March 2003. Smokey had a luxurious life where he was loved and cherished. Then one day, his owner fell in love with a women who was very allergic to cats. So a new home needed to be found. One of my professors at Simon Fraser University knew that I loved animals and that I had just lost my two pet rats, Bagel and Basho. I have always had cats in my life but after my dear Goober died in 1997, I decided to wait for the next creature to show themselves. And it was Smokey! The most affectionate, sweet, gentle, dog-like cat you will ever meet. Even people (i.e. my ex-boyfriend – a staunchly anti-cat person) admitted that Smokey was cool.
I didn’t plan on adopting a second cat but during 2002 I was working on the Pickton Farm in Port Coquitlam, and not home as much as usual. I felt guilty that Smokey was alone too much so I started looking for a pal. I went to the SPCA and looked several times to no avail. Then I went to the local Petcetera (which has a SPCA adoption area) and found “Shadow”. A small black cat who was very, very depressed. He had been found somewhere near Mission and had been in the hospital and adoption area for about 3 months. He had lost lots of hair and his coat was dull. I brought him home and he was the most skittish cat I have ever owned (yeah, I know, they own me). I wanted to change his name and it took about 2 weeks to find the perfect one. One of my faviourte mexican restuarants on Commercial Drive is Tio Pepe’s. I wanted a short name that I could easily shout out (stop clawing that couch!) and it just seemed to suit him, even if it just means uncle in Spanish!
Three years later he is a bundle of joy, lets me pick him up and hold him, and most importantly idolises Smokey! These two creatures bring much joy to my life.

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