The Way it Was – 2009

Hello, hej, välkommen. Jag heter Amanda and I moved to Stockholm in September 2009 because I fell in love with a Swedish man (who I refer to as C in the posts to retain privacy where possible). It seems to be a common occurrence but every story is unique. I am more fortunate than some as I was born in England and grew up in Canada. I have dual nationality (European and Canadian) which made it quite straight forward to move to Sweden. In fact, Canada is very similar to Sweden in many ways, so one might assume it was an easy move compared to others. But was it?

If you are interested in the Journey of Mixed Emotions,  a journey of change that has affected people in three countries, then I invite you to read my posts as I unfold my story. It is your story too. And my Canadian friend’s story, and my Swedish lover’s story, and my parents, and ….

The Way it Is – 2014

About a month ago in March, C and I broke up. We are parting as friends, and I do not regret moving to Sweden. I plan to keep this blog but you can imagine that its focus will change over the next couple of years as I find my way again as a single lady.

I have just started a Masters in Professional Writing and have another blog (ClearlyWriting) where I track that parallel journey. I can honestly say that if I did not have school to keep me focussed right now I would be even more lost in Sweden than I already feel.

24 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi! I stumbled upon your blog today and am really enjoying it. I’m Swedish, although only lived there properly for 3 years – so I relate to some of your stories! Plus your kitties are adorable so I will just have to follow you 🙂

    • Back at you! Although I am not loving Sweden, it is an up and down relationship..which is why I started this blog and why I am going to these places to try and like it more…looking forward to exchanging ideas and photos.

      • Hi Amanda… mit nam jurgen – jag är tysk… or do you say jag är frän tyskland… can’t remember… jag har glömt mesta tal… my excursion to sweden was back in 94 to 98 and I much enjoyed it, coming from ireland at the time… I was happy to have an organised and structured life… if I may say so… last ten years back in germany and just applied for a position in holland… fed up here…
        still got friends in lund, one of my friends moved to thailand from beautiful skanör… spent 1 xmas in skanör… beautiful memories…
        must admit don’t know much about canada… only that it is big and beautiful… why don’t you like it so much in sweden… excuse the low lettering 🙂 me just being lazy… j

      • Hej hej Jurgen. Canada is a lot like Sweden, but you don’t have to speak Swedish. I think that is the key reason I am not as settled as I would like to be. When you leave your home country, that is perfectly GREAT and come to another country that is usually competing for the same spot on the best places to live on the planet lists, well, I just question why I am here and not at home, Vancouver. Good luck with the job hunt.

      • hej Amanda – thank you for the luck… got the job. you know when you don’t want the job… usually you get it. I have until the weekend to decide if i take up the offer. sorry – as i understood it from reading your blog – you moved to sweden because of your sweetheart darling… am i correct? must admit that it makes a difference if you speak the lingo – no doubt. a lot of stuff like gatherings usually happen within the family circle, so it is somewhat difficult to fit in when you lack the language skills… i do understand you – because my ex-wife had the same problem and felt very alone in those 4 years… in any case – why can you not go home anyway? sorry if i am nosy… 🙂

  2. As someone who loves photography herself, yours is gorgeous. It makes me want to get back to it regularly instead of just using it for graphic designing.

    • What a lovely thing to say. I do enjoy OUTDOOR photography, but I have a real challenge with indoor and with people as subjects. I hope you do get back into it; these days even camera phones are good at capturing lots of things.

      • Oh, we are alike then. I don’t have a problem with indoor so much as I do with people as subjects. I don’t know why people are more difficult than animals or objects. I have issues with skin tones, especially contrast. I can never get that balanced, even with a hot-shoe flash.

  3. Hei Amanda
    I really enjoyed your blog, it’s my first visit. I’m norwegian, living in Germany and Norfolk, UK. Keep up the good work and have fun Blogging. I’ll be back! 🙂

      • How does that feel for you? Whenever I go home to where I was born and raised, I have a wonderful mood arriving, so hopeful and glad. I guess I love my family.

        I don’t have any childhood friends back home. Do you?

      • I am not so lucky with returning home, it was the beginning of my mixed emotion journey and it continues to this day. As for childhood friends? Facebook recently connected me with two from childhood, and I have also kinda kept in touch with one from high school, but otherwise it is a strange strange place to me.

  4. Hi, Amanda, thank you for stopping by my blog and following. Yours is so interesting! I have never been in Stockholm, I would like to know that part of Europe.

  5. My grandparents are both from Sweden and are 100% Swedish. I’ve never been but some day I’d love to visit… BTW, It’s very nice to meet you Amanda. Hope you’re having a Great day!

    • Hello Andrew, thanks for visiting the blog. If you do make it to Stockholm, you must look me up, I always like to chat with others who speak English, since my Swedish is still not great. Did they teach you any Swedish?

      • I’m afraid the only words I can say in Swedish are “Tack så mycket” and “du är välkommen”. But I think I have the accident down, so that’s good. 🙂 …I might be there in a year or two. I’ll definitely let you know and we can grab coffee if I am… It is very nice to make your acquaintance Amanda!

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